Hosenträger Tradition und Leidenschaft

tradition and passion

Suspenders from the Werdenfels Region are made of “Stramin” (a robust cotton material), which is lined with leather or felt and decorated with colorful embroidery. The middle piece usually carries an emblem or armorial bearings.
Every square centimeter of stramin is embroidered with up to 36 leases of stitches.
Afterwards the fabric is given to a specialized saddler, who sticks or sows it onto leather and eventually makes the suspenders.
There are numerous drafts and even more individual designs, which explains why the locals wear their suspenders with pride.


Tales of former times tell that a maiden was only allowed to marry her chosen one, after she had stitched him a pair of suspenders.

Nowadays the Werdenfelser Suspenders not only symbolize a long lasting tradition of the Alpenland Region and belong to the traditional costume; they are also an expression of individualism for young and old.


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Between Spessart and Karwendel
A movie by BR Television.
The Werdenfelser suspenders

"For me, the Werdenfelser suspenders stand for the very old, original tradition."

Karin Wagner

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