Karins Hosenträger

Partner & Friends

Partners and friends who share our passion for the finer things in life and who we would like to recommend.

"Lederhosen Michi"

Michael Krippel
Handmade leather pants made to measure.



Anja Mutz
the small agency.



Herbert Greiner
Contact person for the care and washing of leather pants



unique gifts, favorite pieces and deer ribbon made in Bavaria.


"Töpferei Rainer"

Our specialist for handmade tiled stoves.
Traditional, individual, original


"Trachten Fröstl"

With many years of experience
and passion for traditional clothing



Maren Wagner & Andy Keiß
Fullservice Media Agentur



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that we are on the way or that a customer meeting is currently taking place.
We want to bring the same attention to all our visitors and therefore do not interrupt appointments.

Thank you
Karin Wagner

Karins Hosenträger